Dear JustWine Community,

Nine years ago, in December 2014, we embarked on an adventurous journey with JustWine. Our ambition was clear and compelling: we sought to disrupt the wine industry, to grant wineries the visibility they deserved at a local level, and to create a platform where technology, marketing, and product development could harmonize to celebrate our love for wine, sharing that passion with others.

Throughout the years, JustWine has achieved incredible milestones that exceeded our wildest dreams. We’ve had the honor of serving wine news and highlights to over 1.2 million users, curating more than 1,300 wine articles, hosting records of over 38,000 wines, and showcasing over 2,500 wineries. Our partnerships have reached thousands of brands, ensuring that we brought you the latest in wine culture, business, and trends.

JustWine was built on a foundation of experimentation and learning, testing our assumptions and ideas about the wine industry. While we’ve seen tremendous growth in some areas, others have not blossomed as we anticipated. We discovered that some parts of our platform have become static and lack the invigoration necessary to continue delivering a premium product that epitomizes our best offerings.

Moreover, we have acknowledged a significant shift in consumer trends and consciousness surrounding drinking habits from a health and wellbeing perspective. It is important for us to respect these changes and integrate them into our future endeavors as a company.

After much deliberation, we have made the tough decision to retire JustWine. This decision enables us to refocus our efforts where they will have the greatest impact and where we can most effectively serve our audiences in a meaningful and forward-thinking way.

We want to express our profound gratitude to each member of our community – from the app users who embraced our vision, to the wineries that partnered with us, to the wine enthusiasts who enriched our platform with their passion. Your contributions have been crucial in establishing JustWine as a leading international brand, and we are forever thankful for your support.

While this may seem like the closing of a chapter, we prefer to view it as the commencement of a new voyage, one where we continue to evolve and innovate in the spaces we serve. As we step into this new phase, we will carry forward all that we have learned from JustWine, using that knowledge to guide us into the future.

Thank you for being an integral part of our journey thus far. We look forward to serving you in new and exciting ways in the future.


Your Innovation Team at Mobility Quotient