Vina Vik 2011 VIK BottleVina Vik 2011 VIK Label

Vina Vik 2011 VIK

Cabernet Sauvignon: 55% Carménère: 29% Cabernet Franc: 7% Merlot: 5% Syrah: 4% Color: Ruby red, still very bright, deep. Aromas: Red fruits aromas (strawberry, raspberry) in perfect harmony with the vanilla aromas of the wine. The wood respects perfectly the evolution of the wine aromas. A balanced wine that is very subtle with a big aromatic freshness. Palate: A highly fresh attack, silky, very thin with elegant tannins and long persistence and round tannins. General: A harmonious wine, balanced with an elegant persistence. Possessing the real pleasure of a Grand Vin de Bordeaux with the added pleasure of an exceptionally modern aromatic freshness. Presents with no excess, perfectly balanced. The tannins complete the aromatic range delicately. An exceptional wine close to the Bordeaux wines concept but more dynamic with a larger aromatic range and fruitier but never with excess. The wine is discovered to have a multitude of perfumed aromatic ranges while at the same time possessing a beautiful structure that is not too heavy.

 Producer Vina Vik
 Region Cachapoal Valley
 Country Chile
 Varietals Cabernet SauvignonCarmenèreCabernet FrancMerlotSyrah (Shiraz)
 Alcohol 13.9% alc/vol
 Vintage 2011

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About the Producer

Vina Vik

Vina Vik

San Vincente de Tagua, Cachapoal, Chile San Vincente de Tagua, Cachapoal, Chile

In 2004, Alexander Vik, a Norwegian entrepreneur, proposed the creation of a world-class vineyard to produce a unique wine. To find the best terroir, he gathered a team of oenologists, climentologists, geologists, viticulturalists and agronomists to search South America. The studies and the ongoing...

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