Verna's Syrah 2011 BottleVerna's Syrah 2011 Label

Verna's Syrah 2011

Brimming with nuances of dark plum, wild strawberry and dried fig that merge with an intriguing collection of wild flowers, hoisin, malt, dried meat and lavender. The mouthfeel skillfully weaves the diversity together allowing the wine to remain both fresh, grippy, and savoury.

 Producer Melville Vineyards and Winery
 Region Sta. Rita Hills
 Country United States
 Varietals Syrah (Shiraz)
 Alcohol 14.0% alc/vol
 Vintage 2011

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Community Reviews

5 out of 5 starsReviewed on April 21, 2017
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3 out of 5 starsReviewed on March 12, 2016
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3 out of 5 starsReviewed on December 31, 2015

Not the big Syrah I was expecting. It was far lighter than expected with a great clean finish ... Very little oak, with a lot of strawberry and plum.


1 out of 5 starsReviewed on March 14, 2015
This wine was surprisingly disappointing. The taste was not what we were expecting at all. It was harsh, and although we tried it with different foods in an attempt to soften - it was just no good! Tried again the next day, and it was even worse, and even a bit fizzy on the tongue. Would never buy or recommend this wine, and normally we love the wines from this region of the world.
4 out of 5 starsReviewed on March 09, 2015
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About the Producer

Melville Vineyards and Winery

Melville Vineyards and Winery

Lompoc, California, United States Lompoc, California, United States

Join us in our Mediterranean-style estate winery where we exclusively produce wines with wine grapes harvested from our own vineyards. Melville Winery and Vineyards is located within the Sta. Rita Hills appellation in Lompoc, California, in Western Santa Ynez Valley.

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