So-Na Cabernet Sauvignon 2010 BottleSo-Na Cabernet Sauvignon 2010 Label

So-Na Cabernet Sauvignon 2010

The 2010 growing season was challenging, uneven and hard to predict with a wet and cool spring, a beautiful June, followed by seismic heat-spike of late August followed by two additional spikes in late-September and mid-October. As a result we ended up with superb quality that earlier in the year didn't look like it was possible. The one casualty of the vintage was yield – 2010 turned out to be our smallest crop ever. 2010 So Na has an animated nose of red and black fruits emboldened by a rich, resin-y undercurrent of tar, licorice with a camphor and rosemary herbal lift. The palate turns darker, dominated by black raspberries, blueberries and ripe Damson plums with ribbons of baker’s chocolate dusted by espresso roasted coffee beans and hints of creosote and fresh ground cloves that drive the wine to its substantial yet fine-grained and mineral-driven finish. Though drinking well now, the dense, compacted layers of this wine will continue to reveal additional treasure with more time in the bottle.

 Producer Undervine
 Region Napa Valley
 Country United States
 Varietals Cabernet SauvignonMerlot
 Vintage 2010

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About the Producer



Napa, California, United States Napa, California, United States

UNDERVINE is a Négociant Business based in Napa Valley, California. Our focus is to bring ultra premium wine at a moderate price point. By way of this valuable experience, we had the opportunity to identify select properties that we felt had the potential for our labels. We are commitment to produce...

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