“Thomas Jefferson” Prestige Cuvee Bottle“Thomas Jefferson” Prestige Cuvee Label

“Thomas Jefferson” Prestige Cuvee

The steady stream of small, fine bubbles establish the elegance of this prestige Cuvee. Complex aromas with hints of herbs, caramel and toast give way to the most balanced Cuvee we have produced to date. A full palatal impression typical of the fruit and structure of Pinot Noir and the mid-palate expressions of fine Chardonnay.

 Producer Domaine Meriwether
 Region Yamhill-Carlton District
 Country United States
 Varietals Sparkling Wine
 Vintage 2013

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About the Producer

Domaine Meriwether

Domaine Meriwether

Veneta, Oregon, United States Veneta, Oregon, United States

Past Dr. Jack Bagdade Jack Bagdade, a well known physician/scientist, began his journey in the wine business with the formation of Pike &Western Wine Merchants in Seattle in 1975. His vision soon became to produce world class sparkling wines and by the 90′s founded Domaine Meriwether. To succeed...

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