Tbilvino 2010 Saperavi BottleTbilvino 2010 Saperavi Label

Tbilvino 2010 Saperavi

The fresh wine is dark cherry colored with the aromas of red fruit and vanilla overtones. It has an extended finish and goes well with kebab, steak and pork ribs.

 Producer Tbilvino
 Region Kakheti
 Country Georgia
 Varietals Saperavi
 Alcohol 12.5% alc/vol
 Vintage 2010

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Origins of Wine: 8,000 Years of History & the Democratic Republic of Georgia

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Tbilisi, Tbilisi, Georgia Tbilisi, Tbilisi, Georgia

The company is headed by the Margvelashvili brothers. Zura Margvelashvili is a winemaker who participates in every aspect of Vinification, leading the group of experienced experts. Zura is a Georgia’s agrarian university graduate and a former student in California’s WENTE-Vineyard. His brother Giorgi...

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