Spirit Hills Honey Winery Wild Rosy BottleSpirit Hills Honey Winery Wild Rosy Label

Spirit Hills Honey Winery Wild Rosy

Wild Rosy is Spirit Hills semi-sweet rose wine made with our provincial flower: the wild rose. Both honey and rose flowers were historically highly valued aphrodisiacs. In this drink we have combined both to create the ultimate seducing wine. The wine has a shimmering coral rose color. As the glass approaches, the aroma of the entire rose bush will greet you, yet subtle, not perfume like, but just as natural as walking through a field with wild flower blossoms. The freshness of the wine greets you and is followed by the velvety softness and taste of rose flower petals. It warms you up and leaves a finish that is seducing, mysterious, and earthy, and brings images of rose flowers and love. Best served chilled.

 Producer Spirit Hills Honey Winery
 Region Other
 Country Canada
 Varietals Roses

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About the Producer

Spirit Hills Honey Winery

Spirit Hills Honey Winery

Millarville, Alberta, Canada Millarville, Alberta, Canada

High Quality Grape-less Wines in Southern Alberta In a grape-less province Spirit Hills crafts a grape-less wine with strong structure and backbone expected of any high quality wine with body.  Spirit Hills wines integrate ancient fermentation techniques with the creativity of Alberta's settlers and...

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