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Spirit Hills Honey Winery Dande

Many of us had a family member who made Dandelion wine. It was the settler's wine in a grape-less province and speaks to the resourcefulness of those who built this country. But make no mistake, it was not an inferior product, our ancestors valued quality and good taste. Dandelion wine is exquisite and unique in taste. It is a medium-dry wine, best served chilled. It smells of pastures full of wildflowers, the fresh morning dew, and the delicate texture of its golden flower petals. It arrives on your tongue, fresh like the awakening foothills, warms you up like the sunshine and leaves you with an earthy sensation of embrace. It is mysterious, grounding and lingers in the mouth with a taste for more. It is the ultimate white wine adventure. So seducing and mysterious that even beer drinkers become fans.

 Producer Spirit Hills Honey Winery
 Region Other
 Country Canada
 Varietals Dandelion

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Community Reviews

4 out of 5 starsReviewed on July 06, 2018

With a pronounced honey aroma that shows up quite subtle on the palate. It’s the perfect balance of bitter and sweet, made with dandelions from the homestead. A two-time Alberta Beverage Awards winner. Serve Chilled.

About the Producer

Spirit Hills Honey Winery

Spirit Hills Honey Winery

Millarville, Alberta, Canada Millarville, Alberta, Canada

High Quality Grape-less Wines in Southern Alberta In a grape-less province Spirit Hills crafts a grape-less wine with strong structure and backbone expected of any high quality wine with body.  Spirit Hills wines integrate ancient fermentation techniques with the creativity of Alberta's settlers and...

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