Hans Lang 2002 Riesling Spätlese Hattenheimer Schützenhaus BottleHans Lang 2002 Riesling Spätlese Hattenheimer Schützenhaus Label

Hans Lang 2002 Riesling Spätlese Hattenheimer Schützenhaus

Golden. Spicy, baked pears, chamomile tea. Deeply honeyed on the palate, with a wave of sweet mouthwatering intense orange citrus. Pure and so confident and proud that it's like a trumpet call across the tongue. It's a cascade of glorious Riesling notes. Some clove and allspice just lurking at the edges of the finish, but the wine seems to be revelling in a symphony of sweet bright fresh fruit more than anything else. Just such a pleasure to drink now and completely unspittable.

 Producer Weingut Hans Lang
 Region Rheingau
 Country Germany
 Varietals Riesling
 Alcohol 8.5% alc/vol
 Vintage 2002

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Varietal Facts

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Community Reviews

1 out of 5 starsReviewed on October 14, 2015
Was this a juice box? Interesting orange notes but, honestly, should have been enjoyed with a bendy straw. We opened this bottle, Thanksgiving weekend, to be enjoyed by seven people. I dumped 1/3 of the bottle down the drain, not including what was left in the glasses. I have no appreciation for a Riesling.
4 out of 5 starsReviewed on August 26, 2015

Did you know that you can age white wine?  As a matter of fact, Riesling is one of the most age worthy wines of them all and today we will show the world why. 

This 2002 Riesling has just been released on to our Vintage Shelves at our flagship stores and is a perfect example of how well these wines can age. The answer lies in the natural acidity of Riesling grapes that never fades and keeps the wine feeling and tasting fresh.  In addition, the residual sweetness and the full flavour of these wines last and last. And, as time goes on the flavours of this wine transforms from a flavour profile of citrus fruits in to a deeper and more intense tropical and stone fruit characteristics.

The Hans Lang is a stunning deal at $33.99.  For 13 years old it is still youthful in its development.  Awesome notes of Fuzzy Peach candies, white flowers and lime zest just delight.  It’s SUPER smooth and incredibly juicy with a vibrant freshness. The flavours remind me of apricot, candy apple, nectarine and lemon meringue. 

There is definite sweetness to this wine but it is superbly balanced with flavour and acidity that makes your mouth water.  This wine is incredible with a good homemade curry or even better with a plate of artisanal cheese, fresh pate and baguette.

Good hosts and guests know their limits.  Please drink responsibly. 

About the Producer

Weingut Hans Lang

Weingut Hans Lang

Eltville am Rhein, Hesse, Germany Eltville am Rhein, Hesse, Germany

Weingut Hans Lang has been considered one of the best addresses for Rheingau Riesling wines for decades. Since 2014, Urban Kaufmann and his partner, Eva Raps, have been the names behind this brand. Urban Kaufmann and Eva Raps For years, Swiss entrepreneur Urban Kaufmann traveled through some of...

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