Pirueta 2014 Albariño BottlePirueta 2014 Albariño Label

Pirueta 2014 Albariño

This bright and clear wine has a glimmering golden sunshine colour. Soft and pretty aromas waft with touches of floral, stone fruit, and tropical fruits as the wine warms in the glass. Specifically, we find orange blossom, over-ripe nectarine and fuzzy peaches The tropical is shown with a touch of pineapple. A bit more complex with a rounder body than most Pinot Grigio, but expect the same level of freshness, clean palate, crisp and crush-ability. Moderate acidity, fleshy mid-palate and a clean and simple finish. Pair with a mixed plate of grilled seafood and lemon wedge. Don't forget the lemon, it will help liven-up the wine!

 Producer Rectoral Do Umia
 Region Rías Baixas
 Country Spain
 Varietals Albariño
 Alcohol 12.5% alc/vol
 Vintage 2014

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Varietal Facts

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About the Producer

Rectoral Do Umia

Rectoral Do Umia

Ribadumia, Pontevedra, Spain Ribadumia, Pontevedra, Spain

Our winery Rectoral do Umia, belonging to the D.O. Rías Baixas, is located in the Salnés Valley where the Albariño grape traditionally develops its maximum quality and strength. This winery, founded in 2009, has been created following the spirit, philosophy and values that inspire our business culture,...

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