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Nuances of liquorice and very ripe black fruit (marmalade), deed and complex fragrances, graphite, toasted notes. In the mouth, it has a good structure, balanced acidity, round tannins and a long finish that is persistent.

 Producer Costers del Priorat
 Region Priorat
 Country Spain
 Varietals CarignanGrenache
 Alcohol 15.0% alc/vol
 Vintage 2010

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Varietal Facts

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About the Producer

Costers del Priorat

Costers del Priorat

Torrelavit, Barcelona, Spain Torrelavit, Barcelona, Spain

In 2002, a group of winegrower friends composed of Enric Sole, Pau Urgell, Josep Massana and Marc Massana, came together to share a common dream: Costers Del Priorat. To achieve it, they can count with Josep Ramon Sedo’s centennial vineyards and Francesc Berenguer’s cellar, two vineyard lovers who...

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