Penfolds 2005 St Henri Shiraz BottlePenfolds 2005 St Henri Shiraz Label

Penfolds 2005 St Henri Shiraz

Penfolds St Henri is a highly successful and alternative expression of Shiraz and an intriguing counterpoint to Grange. It is unusual among high quality Australian red wines as it does not rely on any new oak. It was created in the early 1950s (first commercial vintage 1957) and gained a new lease of life in the 1990s as its quality and distinctive style became better understood. St Henri is rich and plush when young, gaining soft, earthy, mocha-like characters as it ages. It is matured in old, 1460-litre vats that allow the wine to develop, imparting minimal, if any oak character. Although a small proportion of Cabernet is sometimes used to improve structure, the focal point for St Henri remains Shiraz. 90% Shiraz, 10% Cabernet Sauvignon. Rewards of Patience - Sixth Edition: drink 2015 to 2030. Pair with: Hickory smoked beef fillet.

 Producer Penfolds
 Region Barossa
 Country Australia
 Varietals Shiraz (Syrah)Cabernet Sauvignon
 Alcohol 14% alc/vol
 Vintage 2005

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Community Reviews

5 out of 5 starsReviewed on July 22, 2018

For my Best Friend's birthday, we decided to open a couple of our vintage wines.  This one we decided to wait on, but it never made it back to my cellar.  It was just sitting in my wine rack calling my name, so on the day after my birthday I opened it...and so glad I did!

On the nose this wine was vibrant and alive with aromas of rich, ripe red fruit with just a hint of undertones of cedar and fresh tobacco, just barely starting to show it's age!

The palate was just as luscious, with loads of ripe raspberry, black cherry and red currant, a hint of black pepper, and a light woodsy note on the finish, which was long and satifying.  The acidity and alcohol were in perfect balance with the fruit, while the tannins were velvety and beautifully integrated.

I maybe opened this bottle 1-2 years too soon (stated drinking window as per Penfold's is 2015-2030), but given how lively, rich, deeply flavoured and complex this wine was, I have no regrets! Pair with your favourite grilled meats or hearty stews, and if you are sitting on some bottles, hold one or 2 back for another couple years.  I think the secondary character will develop into a very interesting and balanced old wine! As Penfold's says, your patience will be rewarded!


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Nuriootpa, South Australia, Australia Nuriootpa, South Australia, Australia

Australia's winemaking history of less than two hundred years is brief by European measures, though, like Europe, punctuated by periods of extreme success and difficult times. From the earliest winemaking days Penfolds has figured prominently and few would argue the importance of Penfolds influence on...

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