Palmina Subida 2009 BottlePalmina Subida 2009 Label

Palmina Subida 2009

This is a wine for the true connoisseur, who wants to taste the total essence of the grape. All the color and goodness from the golden-hued Tocai Friulano skins is integrated into the wine. A deep straw like golden color with tinge of green and a slight haze first states that this is not a wine for the masses. Aromas of apricot and just ripe pear are coaxed from the glass, which enjoys time and swirling to fully strut its stuff. The texture is rich and round, bringing nut-like flavors of almond and hazelnut, a hint of beeswax and more stone fruit – white peach and poached pear – before a lingering garden herb component adds another layer of complexity. The finish has a pleasing and palate cleansing note of almond bitters. Recommend serving at cellar temperature. The robust character of this wine will nicely complement a hearty seafood antipasti or a simple plate of prosciutto.

 Producer Palmina
 Region Santa Ynez Valley
 Country United States
 Varietals Tocai Friulano
 Alcohol 12.5% alc/vol
 Vintage 2009

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Lompoc, California, United States Lompoc, California, United States

Palmina is more than a winery. It is a philosophy, a passion and a strongly held belief that wine is an extension of the plate, a component of a meal and a means to bring people together. Formed by winemaker Steve Clifton in 1995, Palmina is named in honor of Steve’s great friend Paula. Like a grandmother...

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