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Outfox Rosé

Outfox Rose is made from French and Italian grapes lightly blended with spring water. We add only natural flavourings and notes of Sauvignon and berry to give a light and fruity grape based drink that is always under 0.5% abv. With only 30 calories per 100ml and suitable for dry drinking, feel free to enjoy as irresponsibly as you like! Gluten Free and Vegan. No Sulphites. Ingredients: water, non-alcoholic fermented grape juice concentrate, natural flavouring, lemon juice concentrate, acid: tartaric acid, citric acid, carrot concentrate, caramelized sugar syrup.

 Producer Outfox
 Region Other
 Country United Kingdom
 Varietals Proprietor’s Blend
 Alcohol 0.0% alc/vol

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Kingston upon Thames, Surrey - England, United Kingdom Kingston upon Thames, Surrey - England, United Kingdom

With labels such as no and low alcohol, alcohol- free and de-alcoholized the alcohol-free category can get confusing.  To avoid the headache Outfox has created a new generation of drinks which we like to call suitable for 'Dry Drinking' It’s teamed with a symbol that can be found on all Outfox...

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