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Semi-sweet, lightly carbonated.

 Producer Mallow Run Winery
 Region Indiana Uplands
 Country United States
 Varietals Traminette

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Varietal Facts

Chasing Delicious in the Finger Lakes Wine Region, New York | Just Wine
The Vine

Chasing Delicious in the Finger Lakes Wine Region, New York

They make wine in New York? They make delicious wine in New York and it’s all about cooperation and collaboration. It’s time to take a look at...
Chatting with Jeremy Raaymaker, of Canadian import agency South by Southwest Wines, about the Finger Lakes wine region in New York proved nothing short of eye opening. Although aware of the region and familiar with a couple of producers, I must admit that Google maps had to remind me exactly where this...

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About the Producer

Mallow Run Winery

Mallow Run Winery

Bargersville, Indiana, United States Bargersville, Indiana, United States

FROM CORN TO GRAPES… Mallow Run is the product of years of hard work by John Richardson and his son, Bill, and Bill’s wife, Laura. John grew up on the farm, moved away to teach school for 35 years, and then retired back on the farm with the intent of growing grapes to supply other Indiana wineries....

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