Pago Aylés "l" de Aylés 2013 BottlePago Aylés "l" de Aylés 2013 Label

Pago Aylés "l" de Aylés 2013

Intense strawberry pink. Intense aromas reminiscent of red fruit preserves (strawberry and blackberries), notes of cream and fresh herbs. On the palate, balanced, savoury and lively; crisp acidity that cleans the mouth. Distinctive; more structure than usual for this type of wine: intense, fragrant, with body and great aromatic range.

 Producer Pago Aylés
 Region Pago Aylés
 Country Spain
 Varietals GrenacheCabernet Sauvignon
 Alcohol 13.5% alc/vol
 Vintage 2013

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Varietal Facts

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About the Producer

Pago Aylés

Pago Aylés

Mezalocha, Zaragoza, Spain Mezalocha, Zaragoza, Spain

The agro-food project of Pago Aylés began back in 1994 when the estate was bought by the current owner, who unified different properties that had belonged to the clergy and the nobility since the Middle Ages, this way, becoming one of the biggest private owned estates in the Aragón region (north eastern...

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