Moschofilero Mantinia BottleMoschofilero Mantinia Label

Moschofilero Mantinia

Status: Dry white wine, Protected Designation of Origin Characteristics: Light and clear in color; delicate yet persistent varietal bouquet; a vibrantly fruity palate. Culinary match: Fish and seafood; white meats; pasta served with white sauces. Best served: Thoroughly chilled to 8˚-12˚C (46˚-53˚F). Available in: 750ml bottles, 187.5ml bottles, and 1.5 liter bottles.

 Producer Greek Wine Cellars
 Region Mantineia
 Country Greece
 Varietals Moschofilero
 Alcohol 12% alc/vol

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Varietal Facts

Greek Wine: Betcha Didn’t Know | Just Wine
The Vine

Greek Wine: Betcha Didn’t Know

Discovering the wonderful wines and wine regions of Greece. Learn about their past, present and be part of their future.
Greece, the land of democracy, modern medicine, mythology and, of course, wine, has an industry that dates back at least 6,500 years. Hippocrates (the father of Western Medicine) was known to have given prescriptions of wine for various illnesses and often used Vermouth (wine steeped in wormwood) to...

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About the Producer

Greek Wine Cellars

Greek Wine Cellars

Athens, Attica, Greece Athens, Attica, Greece

Greece has a tradition of centuries of viticulture  and winemaking. Through the course of Greek history, from  antiquity to the present, both vineyard and wine have always been playing a decisive role in its people’s everyday life. The contemporary Greek world of wine  can boast of worthy spokesmen.  Among...

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