Gehringer Brothers Old Vines Auxerrois 2017 BottleGehringer Brothers Old Vines Auxerrois 2017 Label

Gehringer Brothers Old Vines Auxerrois 2017

A classic wine with a soft mellow acidity, rich in subtle fruit flavours and vinted in an off-dry style. Auxerrois has adapted to the Okanagan extremely well. Each fall brings this grape to maturity with a perfect acid balance. A wine to serve when one is not sure of one’s preference. A taste profile that doesn’t tire a palate. This wine style is not intense fruit, but rather a rich mellow wine bouquet. The wine has a pleasant, dry mouth feel, with just a touch of sweetness evident, to polish the finish. It is a great accompaniment to seafood, especially scallops and shell fish. Also a perfect choice with consommés, cream sauce dishes, and delicate-flavoured foods.

 Producer Gehringer Brothers
 Region Golden Mile Bench
 Country Canada
 Varietals Auxerrois
 Alcohol 12.7% alc/vol
 Vintage 2017

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Varietal Facts

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About the Producer

Gehringer Brothers

Gehringer Brothers

Oliver, British Columbia, Canada Oliver, British Columbia, Canada

Walter and Gordon Gehringer are included in a very select group of qualified winemakers that are British Columbia-born yet have learned their craft in Europe.  They compete amongst the world's best year after year, and their hard work, and dedication to perfection has not gone unnoticed.  Join us on...

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