Assyrtiko By Gaia Wild Ferment BottleAssyrtiko By Gaia Wild Ferment Label

Assyrtiko By Gaia Wild Ferment

Since 1994 we have been producing two of the best known Santorini wines, THALASSITIS and THALASSITIS OAK FERMENTED, from the Assyrtiko grape. We use the most up-to-date technology and selected yeast strains to guarantee consistency in character within limits set by each harvest from our vineyards in Episkopi, Akrotiri and Pyrgos. For ASSYRTIKO BY GAIA-WILD FERMENT we took a slightly different approach. The Assyrtiko grape from the upland vineyard of Pyrgos is more aromatic than the Assyrtiko from the other parts of Santorini Island. After undergoing the 12-hour skin contact process at around 10οC, the grape must is placed in small 1.000 litre INOX tanks and in new 225lt French and American oak barrels and acacia barrels. The temperature is then allowed to rise naturally, without any further involvement. From that point on, modern technology passes the baton to traditional winemaking. Fermentation develops on its own at a gradual pace. The wild yeast strains that prevail are the ones which eventually determine the wine’s character. In every tank and barrel something different occurs. After the end of the fermentation, we choose only those tanks and barrels which, according to our expertise, raise the Assyrtiko to new levels of enjoyment. The challenge in the production of ASSYRTIKO BY GAIA-WILD FERMENT is the fact that every year we discover a new dimension of this multifaceted variety. ASSYRTIKO BY GAIA-WILD FERMENT has slight citrus aromas well-combined with elegant oak notes, a rich mouth fell, crispy acidity, intense mineral flavours and a long finish. Enjoy this wine with seafood, fatty fish, lamb and poultry at 8o-10o C. Keep the wine for 2-3 years under proper cellar conditions and it will undergo profound changes. Its mineral dimension will subside while the fruity and honey flavours will envelop its body. Pour ASSYRTIKO BY GAIA-WILD FERMENT in a wide decanter for around half an hour before enjoying it.

 Producer Gaia Wines
 Region Santorini
 Country Greece
 Varietals Assyrtiko
 Alcohol 13% alc/vol

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About the Producer

Gaia Wines

Gaia Wines

Athens, Attica, Greece Athens, Attica, Greece

Gaia Wines has been established in 1994 with the aim to present the potential of the indigenous Greek grape varieties in the international wine markets. Today, Gaia owns two modern wineries located in Nemea and Santorini A.O.C. regions.

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