Fox Farm Vineyards 2011 Syrah (Shiraz) BottleFox Farm Vineyards 2011 Syrah (Shiraz) Label

Fox Farm Vineyards 2011 Syrah (Shiraz)

The warmer climate south of Medford provides sites with the ability to very fully ripen, and to make wine with meaty, smoky, masculine aromas- but which still keep the higher-toned acidity for which we are known.

 Producer Fox Farm Vineyards
 Region Rogue Valley
 Country United States
 Varietals Syrah (Shiraz)
 Vintage 2011

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About the Producer

Fox Farm Vineyards

Fox Farm Vineyards

Newberg, Oregon, United States Newberg, Oregon, United States

Fox Farm Vineyards started in 2005 when David Fish, Desiree Neel and Thomas Ratcliff all attended a Wine Symposium (OPC) in Willamette Valley, Oregon. Thomas and David were casual industry acquaintances attending the same event, but each had many years’ experience in the world of wine employed as...

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