Finca La Emperatriz 2014 Viura (Macabeo) BottleFinca La Emperatriz 2014 Viura (Macabeo) Label

Finca La Emperatriz 2014 Viura (Macabeo)

Very pale yellow in colour, with a hint of green. Intense aromas of white fruits, flowers and citrus, together with elements of creaminess. On the palate it is both full, but light, with a refreshing acidity which balances out the richness. The after taste leaves a sensation of juiciness. An excellent example of the potential of Viura in Rioja, if it is grown in the right soils.

 Producer Finca La Emperatriz
 Region Rioja
 Country Spain
 Varietals Viura (Macabeo)
 Alcohol 13.2% alc/vol
 Vintage 2014

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Community Reviews

4 out of 5 starsReviewed on March 02, 2016

A great wine for the table.  Fouthful, fresh, crips and clean.  Loaded with meyer lemon and asian pear.  A dry, pithy wine with a great balance betweensweet and tart lemony notes and a long finish. This wine is meant to be an acoompaniment to fresh seafood, bright summer salds or served icy cold in the sun. 

4 out of 5 starsReviewed on December 15, 2015
The creaminess of this wine is nice on the tasting finish on the wine. Aromas of the daisy pears and apples. Taste more of the citrus

About the Producer

Finca La Emperatriz

Finca La Emperatriz

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