Farina Spumante Prosecco Extry Dry BottleFarina Spumante Prosecco Extry Dry Label

Farina Spumante Prosecco Extry Dry

The careful sorting of the Glera grapes for the production of Prosecco and the art of wine making are essential elements of this wine. The “re-fermentation” which takes place with the Charmat method, through the yeasts stirrer, to enhance the quality of the wine, creates a charming, extremely fine and persistent perlage. Straw yellow with greenish shades, aromatic, scented as wild flowers, apple and linden. It is soft, mellow, with an heady perlage. Excellent as an aperitif, but its character makes it suitable for any kind of food.

 Producer Farina
 Region Veneto
 Country Italy
 Type Sparkling
 Varietals Glera
 Alcohol 11% alc/vol

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Pedemonte, Venice, Italy Pedemonte, Venice, Italy

Farina Family, “trasparent” by nature We were born in a family in which winemaking was a sort of inevitable legacy. However, before making this choice we wanted to experience other professional paths, sure that making wine is more than a job and to do it, it is necessary to be convinced to the very...

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