Chateau d'Arlay Cote du Jura Rouge 2009 BottleChateau d'Arlay Cote du Jura Rouge 2009 Label

Chateau d'Arlay Cote du Jura Rouge 2009

This is the first production area in volume and the oldest known. This Pinot Noir varietal exists here since the 15th century. Our area is considered one of the best terroirs of red wine from the Jura. This wine is famous because of its style very fresh, spicy character and minerality. Casks are used to soften its tannins, our Red is best when accompanied by grilled fish, red and white meat or roast chicken, al dente pasta, vegetables steamed, cheese (goat), Bleu des Causses . Aromas of wild berries, cassis, cherry, undergrowth, green pepper, graphite, exotic wood. It will keep for 10 years and is best after 5 years in the cellar.

 Producer Domaine du Château d'Arlay
 Region Côtes du Jura
 Country France
 Varietals Pinot Noir
 Alcohol 14% alc/vol
 Vintage 2009

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About the Producer

Domaine du Château d'Arlay

Domaine du Château d'Arlay

Arlay, Jura, France Arlay, Jura, France

The Arlay Castle is a family estate which makes wines of tradition and care, where terroir notes are expressed elegantly. Our area is deemed the oldest wine chateau in France: Since 1070, it has witnessed many events which are in the archives kept at the castle. Moreover, Arlay has always been transmitted...

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