Domaine Alain Verset Cornas 2013 BottleDomaine Alain Verset Cornas 2013 Label

Domaine Alain Verset Cornas 2013

Syrah is the only variety of grape used in this appellation, and is able to express its full flavour. Cornas is a very dark red wine: almost black with purplish tints when young, becoming amber with age. It is one of the most robust French wines. These wines age superbly: their tannins round over time and develop aromas of black fruits, with a spiced, “licorice” finish.

 Producer Domaine Alain Verset
 Region Cornas
 Country France
 Varietals Syrah (Shiraz)
 Alcohol 13% alc/vol
 Vintage 2013

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About the Producer

Domaine Alain Verset

Domaine Alain Verset

Cornas, Ardèche, France Cornas, Ardèche, France

Alain Verset is the son of the late Louis Verset, a confirmed part of the Cornas fabric. He works the family vineyard at the weekends, and in a local factory during the week. Domaine Alain Verset has a storied past producing Cornas wines of top quality from a selection of small vineyards totaling...

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