Deerfield Ranch 2016 Checkerbloom Rosé BottleDeerfield Ranch 2016 Checkerbloom Rosé Label

Deerfield Ranch 2016 Checkerbloom Rosé

Rosé is back in fashion. Forget those cloying pink wines of the 80s. This is the real thing: rosé from our organically grown Estate Syrah. This wine is very refreshing, well chilled or over ice, on a warm day, and pairs with salads and light luncheon fare. The proceeds from the sale of this wine go to support our efforts to protect the endangered Kenwood Marsh Checkerbloom and restore the last of the Kenwood wetlands.

 Producer Deerfield Ranch Winery
 Region Sonoma
 Country United States
 Varietals Syrah (Shiraz)

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About the Producer

Deerfield Ranch Winery

Deerfield Ranch Winery

Kenwood, California, United States Kenwood, California, United States

Deerfield is a small certified organic winery in Sonoma County, California, producing about 18 different wines. Best know for our blends, we partner with small sustainable or organic method growers in many distinct appellations in Sonoma County, where individual varietals of grapes grow the best. We...

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