Maison Nicolas Perrin Crozes-Hermitage BottleMaison Nicolas Perrin Crozes-Hermitage Label

Maison Nicolas Perrin Crozes-Hermitage

This red offers a broad, fleshy feel, delivering flavours of dark plum, cherry and blackberry embedded with notes of fruitcake, black licorice and sweet spices. The toasty frame is well-integrated, and the sanguine-tinged finish offsets the fruit.

 Producer Maison Nicolas Perrin
 Region Crozes-Hermitage
 Country France
 Varietals Syrah (Shiraz)

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4 out of 5 starsReviewed on September 14, 2015
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About the Producer

Maison Nicolas Perrin

Maison Nicolas Perrin

Valence, Drôme, France Valence, Drôme, France

Maison Nicolas Perrin is a boutique negociant which results from a meeting between the Perrin Family, specialists of the Southern Rhône and Nicolas Jaboulet, a man from the northern rhone.On one side, the south, the art of blending, skilled in creating something greater than just a sum of different...

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