Baud 2013 Crémant de Jura BottleBaud 2013 Crémant de Jura Label

Baud 2013 Crémant de Jura

Hailing from a lesser-known region of France, the Jura might be mistaken for classic brut Champagne in a blind tasting. It's just remarkable for the price.

 Producer Domaine Baud
 Region Crémant du Jura
 Country France
 Varietals ChardonnayPinot Noir
 Alcohol 12.0% alc/vol
 Vintage 2013

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Varietal Facts

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About the Producer

Domaine Baud

Domaine Baud

Levernois, Côte-d'Or, France Levernois, Côte-d'Or, France

Domaine Baud: A Passion for Wine Eighth generation of winemakers in the area, route of Alain and Jean-Michel was naturally drawn. But then: choose such a job can not be inevitable. In an often capricious nature, only an atavistic passion can allow the vine, demanding mistress, to give the best of...

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