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Château Haut-Brisson 2012

The basic cuvée of Haut-Brisson (95% Merlot and 5% Cabernet Franc) in 2012 is no shy sibling. It is beautifully made, dense ruby/purple wine with a brilliant display of creamy black currant and black cherry furit interwoven with spicy oak. This opulently textured, full-bodied wine is another great success from the Kwok family. Of course, the Réserve cuvée is slightly richer and fuller, but this is top-flight as well as a big-time sleeper of this vintage. Drink it over the next decade or more. - 88 Points, Wine Spectator

 Producer Château Haut-Brisson
 Region Saint-Émilion
 Country France
 Type Red Bordeaux
 Varietals MerlotCabernet Franc
 Vintage 2012

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About the Producer

Château Haut-Brisson

Château Haut-Brisson

Saint-Émilion, Gironde, France Saint-Émilion, Gironde, France

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