Château de Cartes 2015 Frontenac Gris BottleChâteau de Cartes 2015 Frontenac Gris Label

Château de Cartes 2015 Frontenac Gris

Le Frontenac Gris est un vin blanc issu de vendanges tardives. Un taux de 26% de sucre apporte l’équilibre acide/sucre à ce cépage hybride rustique très acide. Le vin est fermenté en cuves d’inox et la fin de fermentation se fait par un choc thermique au moment de l’équilibre. Trois mois d’élevage avec du chêne américain à torréfaction moyenne forte lui apporte des notes d’épices douces telle que la muscade. || The Frontenac Gris is a late harvest white wine. Its high sugar content (26%) balances out the acidity/sugar in a rustic hybrid grape variety known for its high acidity. The wine is fermented in stainless steel tanks and fermentation is stopped by thermal shock when balance is achieved. The wine is aged with medium toast French oak, which brings notes of mellow spice such as nutmeg.

 Producer Château de Cartes
 Region Other
 Country Canada
 Varietals Frontenac Gris
 Vintage 2015

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About the Producer

Château de Cartes

Château de Cartes

Dunham, Québec, Canada Dunham, Québec, Canada

In the aim of realizing one of Stéphane's childhood dreams, we purchased an orchard in Dunham, in 2006 and over the years we transformed it into a vineyard and cidery. As the project evolved into a business, the dream finally became a reality. As partners in both life and business, we share all the management...

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