Artezin 2011 Charbono BottleArtezin 2011 Charbono Label

Artezin 2011 Charbono

Black fruits dominate, with brooding, fresh spicy accents. Black licorice and currant avors lead with ripe blackberry jam and cloves following. This very approachable red wine pairs well with hearty fare like grilled meats, venison and Osso Bucco or with a strongly avored cheese course.

 Producer The Hess Collection
 Region Napa Valley
 Country United States
 Varietals Bonarda (Charbono)
 Alcohol 13.3% alc/vol
 Vintage 2011

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About the Producer

The Hess Collection

The Hess Collection

Napa, California, United States Napa, California, United States

1876 - 1884: H. HUDEMANN The first pioneers in the area (last half of the 19th century) were of German descent including the families of Fisher, Brandlin, and Streich.  H. Hudemann settles on a property that is now the site of the Hess Collection Winery.  Hudemann establishes his “Sprout Farm” (a...

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