Cave Spring Cellars 2013 Riesling BottleCave Spring Cellars 2013 Riesling Label

Cave Spring Cellars 2013 Riesling

On the nose, scents of white flowers, wet stone, and cantaloupe emerge over top hints of black licorice and fresh herbs. The palate is medium dry with concentrated pink grapefruit and mandarin orange on the attack, giving way to yellow cherry fruit on the mid-palate. The finish is very persistent, with notes of crushed stone, spice and citrus zest. The long, cool ripening of this vintage has delivered remarkable flavour complexity and a seamless integration of body and acidity on the palate. Serve with pan-fried salmon or shellfish; boiled lobster or crabmeat; curried shrimp; buttered chicken; Bavarian-style sausage (weisswurst); barbecue pork; baked ham; breaded veal; roasted poultry and game; as an aperitif. Ready for consumption upon release, this vintage promises continued development until 2020 if not beyond.

 Producer Cave Spring Cellars
 Region Niagara Peninsula
 Country Canada
 Varietals Riesling
 Alcohol 11% alc/vol
 Vintage 2013

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Varietal Facts

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About the Producer

Cave Spring Cellars

Cave Spring Cellars

Jordan, Ontario, Canada Jordan, Ontario, Canada

The origins of fine wine ... Great winemaking finds its origins through a marriage of vision, passion and patience. More than three decades ago, the Pennachetti family helped to pioneer the cultivation of noble European grape varietals on the Niagara Peninsula with the planting of their first Riesling...

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