Cave Spring Chardonnay Musqué Estate 2015 BottleCave Spring Chardonnay Musqué Estate 2015 Label

Cave Spring Chardonnay Musqué Estate 2015

Muscat-tinged orange-blossom aromas dominate, with a cocktail of Delicious apple, blood orange, melon and pear in behind. The palate is refreshing yet full and viscous, with crisp apple fruit up front giving way to a round, oily middle palate reminiscent of pear preserve. The finish remains soft and smooth, punctuated by varietal traits of Muscat-spice and closing with a pleasing, slightly bitter note of orange peel that lends vivacity. Pair with root vegetable soup; fish paella; bouillabaisse; pan-roasted or grilled grouper, halibut or sea bass; sweet and sour pork; pasta primavera with olive oil; firm cow or sheep milk cheese (e.g., Appenzeller, Jarlsberg, Gouda). Best appreciated in the first 3 years from vintage for it’s powerful, one-of-a-kind aromatics and generous yet crisply balanced mouth feel.

 Producer Cave Spring Cellars
 Region Niagara Escarpment and Twenty Valley
 Country Canada
 Varietals Chardonnay Musqué
 Alcohol 13.5% alc/vol
 Vintage 2015

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About the Producer

Cave Spring Cellars

Cave Spring Cellars

Jordan, Ontario, Canada Jordan, Ontario, Canada

The origins of fine wine ... Great winemaking finds its origins through a marriage of vision, passion and patience. More than three decades ago, the Pennachetti family helped to pioneer the cultivation of noble European grape varietals on the Niagara Peninsula with the planting of their first Riesling...

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