Calderara Sottana BottleCalderara Sottana Label

Calderara Sottana

Pale ruby with mahogany hues. Penetrating bouquet with rich ripe fruit and spice. The flavour is structured, full and complex, with a rich tannic feel.

 Producer Tenuta Delle Terre Nere
 Region Etna Rosso
 Country Italy
 Varietals Nerello Mascalese
 Alcohol 14.5% alc/vol

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4 out of 5 starsReviewed on September 17, 2015
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About the Producer

Tenuta Delle Terre Nere

Tenuta Delle Terre Nere

Randazzo, Catania, Italy Randazzo, Catania, Italy

What sets us apart Tenuta delle Terre Nere is the fruit of over 30 years of passion and work in the world of fine wine. And an extraordinary location, as well - this "island within an island" that is the Etna - that my brother and I chose. And that, I sometimes believe, actually chose us. A place...

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