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Bogle Vineyards Phantom

Phantom, Bogle’s mysterious apparition of ripe berry and relentless spice, returns to haunt wine lovers. Full of concentration and intensity, this wine will tease, tantalize and linger long after the last sip is gone. A symphony entrances your senses immediately: juniper berry and spice, with just a wisp of toasted coconut hinting at the American oak aging. Sparkling rubies catch the light and tempt your first sip. Juicy plums and brawny blackberries are succulent and intoxicating, as the full bodied structure takes hold. Abundant, yet ripe tannins round out the palate, yet don’t overpower the red cranberry fruit. Aged for 24 months in 1 and 2 year-old American oak, Phantom exits with an enthralling and passionate finish.

 Producer Bogle Vineyards
 Region Lodi
 Country United States
 Varietals Petite SirahZinfandelCabernet SauvignonMerlot
 Alcohol 14.5% alc/vol

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Varietal Facts

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Community Reviews

4 out of 5 starsReviewed on November 26, 2015

As we head into the cool days and even cooler nights, a fuller style wine such as the Phantom Bogle is often the best way to complement the rich textures in our comfort favorites. A blend of some big style grapes in Petite Sirah and Zinfandel, this combination has created a juicy sipper that is sure to please a variety of palates. With rich berry notes balanced with spice and vanilla make it approachable on its own but the soft velvety tannins make it compatible with a variety of foods such as a savory meat stew, pork tenderloin with blackberry reduction or even some bitter fudgeeo’s.

About the Producer

Bogle Vineyards

Bogle Vineyards

Clarksburg, California, United States Clarksburg, California, United States

Although the Bogle family has been farming since the mid-1800’s, it was not until 1968 that the father and son team of Warren and Chris Bogle planted their first 20 acres of wine grapes in Clarksburg, California. In this small farming community nestled along the Sacramento River, the Bogle family’s years...

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