Bodegas Alto Moncayo 2008 Syrah (Shiraz) BottleBodegas Alto Moncayo 2008 Syrah (Shiraz) Label

Bodegas Alto Moncayo 2008 Syrah (Shiraz)

Ruby red in color with a bouquet of blackcurrant and prunes with smoky, spicy undertones laced with berry and fruit. A full-bodied wine with delicate spices followed by prunes and plums and a creamy mouthfeel with a good tannic backbone.?? Enjoy this wine on its own or with Mediterranean dishes such as spicy lamb and meat casseroles.

 Producer Bodegas Alto Moncayo
 Region Stellenbosch
 Country South Africa
 Varietals Syrah (Shiraz)
 Alcohol 14.8% alc/vol
 Vintage 2008

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About the Producer

Bodegas Alto Moncayo

Bodegas Alto Moncayo

Borja, Zaragoza, Spain Borja, Zaragoza, Spain

The winery was founded in 2002 using some of the oldest vines in the area. Currently, it produces wine from 92 hectares of native mountain strains of Garnacha, planted decades ago on the slopes of the Moncayo foothills in unique red clay soil mixed with slate. There is little organic matter in the soil,...

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