The name NAVIGABILE in italian means “able to be shipped by sail” and was historically the way the local wine merchants, since the XVIII° century, used to name their top wines. The Navigabile® is made following the tradition by grapes of Nerello Mascalsese with a small amount of Nerello Cappuccio. The Nerello Cappuccio traditionally was planted (from 5% to 20% of the whole vineyard) among the N.Mascalese to bring some smoothness and a gentle taste to the wine made crushing together the different grapes. “Navigabile”, at that time was meant to be a wine capable to travel across the sea, up the other side of the world, maintaining all the quality and fragrance. An inestimable value for those times, when shipping were made by sail. After years of research, we realized this characteristic was related to some very particular details used in the grape selection and winemaking process. At that time only quality and human experience could delivery a great wine. We are glad to present our modern interpretation of that old criteria, able today to delivery our very idea of taste and character in the Etna red wines. We ask to this wine to sail across the world as ambassador of our work on Mount Etna.

 Producer Ayunta Artisan Wines
 Region Etna Rosso
 Country Italy
 Varietals Nerello MascaleseNerello Cappuccio
 Vintage 2013

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About the Producer

Ayunta Artisan Wines

Ayunta Artisan Wines

Randazzo, Catania, Italy Randazzo, Catania, Italy

This is Ayunta, a family owned, little grape farm & winery, running 2,8 hectares of old vineyards at almost 700 meters above the sea level on the northern slopes of the Mount Etna in Sicily, close to the little village of Randazzo, about one our driving north the city of Catania. Our focus is to produce...

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