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Aromas of tilled earth, leather, game and spicy plum carry over to the palate with dried blueberry, ground pepper and a hint of licorice. Round but fleeting tannins provide easygoing support. — K.O., Wine Enthusiast

 Producer Palamà
 Region Puglia
 Country Italy
 Varietals Primitivo
 Vintage 2012

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Varietal Facts

Wine Basics — Grape Varietals 101: Zinfandel (aka: Primitivo) | Just Wine

Wine Basics — Grape Varietals 101: Zinfandel (aka: Primitivo)

An introductory guide to Zinfandel wine. Everything you need to know about the grape variety including flavour, food pairings, growing regions...
  Try a Zinfandel wine if you like Grenache or Syrah.   Overview of the Zinfandel wine varietal (Not to be confused with the wine style “White Zinfandel.” ) This red wine is dark fruit driven with lots of body and high alcohol, but velvety smooth tannins.   Why we like the Zinfandel varietal, grape...

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