Accademia Prosecco DOC Spumante Brut BottleAccademia Prosecco DOC Spumante Brut Label

Accademia Prosecco DOC Spumante Brut

The grapes are generally hand picked from mid-September in the vineyards cultivated with the sylvoz growing system, which is typical of this zone. The grapes are pressed and then vinified in white, where the must is separated from the skins. The juice obtained is put in special steel containers, where it is fermented with the addition of selected yeasts. The second fermentation then starts according to the Charmat method, at a controlled temperature of 14° C in order to preserve the typical fragrances of the original grapes. It lasts nearly 40 days. During this period carbon dioxide is released naturally so that the wine becomes sparkling. The wine is then cold stabilized, filtered and bottled.

 Producer Accademia degli Acquavitai
 Region Veneto
 Country Italy
 Varietals Glera
 Alcohol 11% alc/vol

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Varietal Facts

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About the Producer

Accademia degli Acquavitai

Accademia degli Acquavitai

Bibano di Godega Sant'Urbano, Treviso, Italy Bibano di Godega Sant'Urbano, Treviso, Italy

The points of our philosophy are: Three generations of vintners, master distillers and lovers for the excellence. Marca Trevigiana, the charming area between Venice and the Dolomites. More than 50% of our winemakers are women. The Mediterranean diet: drink well, be well. This product is...

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