Smells like liquor, tastes like wine!

I'm on a mission to never have the same bottle twice!  

A little about me:

I started drinking pink wine out of really big bottles when I was "18".  In my 20's, I drank whatever wine was on sale at Costco.  Now in my 30's, I've graduated to $20 bottles with the occasional splurge of $40 on my favorite Pinot Noir.  I've only recently started to give white wines some attention, mainly because I just can't stand the acid attack that accompanies so many of them. 

I like:

Heavily oaked Chardonnay

Ex Nihilo Pinot Noir, 2013, 2012, and 2010

English Mastiffs (I happen to have a Mastiff rescue dog, whom you'll often see on the Just Wine Instagram page)

I don't like:

Super acidic wines (goodbye most of Italy and cool-climate white wines)

Anything that tastes like black licorice

Snow (too bad I live in Canada)

My wine reviews are certainly not from a pro-perspective (not yet anyways, I'm well on my way through the system!), but they're honest and exactly as I taste it.  They may not be wine terms, but they'll be "wine-y" terms!  

Stay tuned, we'll be posting Just Wine review videos soon!