Sebastien LaFortune has been in the wine and hospitality industry for over 25 years. He does extensive wine research by tasting a wide range of wines every week.

Sebastien was a proud member of the CO-OP team as the Sommelier Coordinator for the Calgary Oakridge location. Offering his members a wide range of wine knowledge, both theoretical and practical. At CO-OP he built relationships with his customers who purchased his recommendations and return for more. He enjoyed sharing his love of Old World wines with his members, particularly wines from France, Spain, Italy, and Portugal. Sebastien took tremendous pride in being a part of CO-OP Wine Spirits Beer: “There is a great sense of family among our team for sure as well as the store level. The company has been growing steadily and are wine programs keep getting better. I love hosting the tasting events and working with our Locker Program.”

A self-described “equal opportunist wine drinker, as long as it’s good,” his go-to favourite is Syrah from France. If he was no longer allowed to explore new wine regions and was limited to only one wine destination to explore he’d choose the Rhone Valley as his destination. Sebastien’s curiosity about wine stems from its ever changing personality, “You can try the same wine 4 Mondays in a row and find subtle differences each time.”

For him, his most memorable wine experience was when he got the opportunity to visit Spring Mountain Vineyards with his family, “They had a tasting ready for us in their cellar, complete with juice for the kids, 2 and 5 at the time, and gave us a great tour and visit.”

He is currently the hospitality director at Culmina Family Estate Winery in the Okanagan Valley in British Columbia, Canada. Culmina is a family-owned wine estate operated by the Triggs and a small team of dedicated professionals. Their singular objective at Culmina: to maximize the quality of the wine produced from their Golden Mile Bench property. Sebastien plays an important role on the Culmina team educating visitors on the unique offerings of Culmina and the Okanagan Valley.