I've probably drank, (in terms of volume) at least 10 times more wine that has been "home-made" than bottled by a known winery. So I would have to say I'm relatively new to the larger world of wine appreciation.

However, some of my fondest memories of my paternal grandfather are helping him crushing and pressing grapes in the basement. I suppose it helps that I never did manage to get my fingers caught in the hand-crank crusher we had; that might have soured the experience a bit. But, how could one (even at the tender age of 6 or 7) not hear the message the 8-inch diameter cylinder with 1-inch conical teeth was practically screaming... "CAREFUL!".

The taste of freshly squeezed grape juice is wonderful and I can still remember the smell of my grandfather's basement. He would usually have about 10 to 12 demijohns going at the same time.