I am quite the captivating figure, often seen walking across the flaming lava trails, or sometimes crushing ice with an amazing blending device, which I received for my birthday. I am a master of shopping, outfitting, web and channel surfing and I haven't lost my magic touch when it comes to the art of making the perfect mixed tape. Following work, on most evenings, I spend countless hours honing my guitar hero skillz... I have been told that I rock.... so you know it's true, and I will own you in Mario Kart.

I have been the 9th caller on several small town radio stations, and I once ran a mile in 1 minute while juggling finance text books. Everything about me is real except my two front teeth and I generally absorb all that is related to Stewie Griffin. Do NOT ask me to change a tire, or sew.

One day I read the entire Harry Potter series and then proceeded to redecorate my condo with my own original paintings by bedtime. On weekends, when I am relaxing, I train swans to perform the ballet version of Romeo and Juliet. I can say "Where is the bathroom?" in 23 languages, and I will be reuniting Pink Floyd. 

But most of all I love my family, friends, wine and Christmas.