Welcome to the Just Beer Community: A Call for Bloggers, Publishers and Breweries

From the makers of Just Wine, comes Just Beer, the international community for beer enthusiasts! Just Beer aggregates and organizes beer-exclusive articles, and posts in an effective way for community members to immerse themselves in beer-riffic content and culture from around the world. Join the community, contribute your beer articles and posts, and be a part of this incredible initiative!

What does this mean? Just Beer will post your article, with full credit, and link backs to your site helping you build a following and traffic, while also reaching a very specific audience--Beer Fans!

How do you get started? – Email a list of your article links to community@justbeerapp.com with the subject line, “I want my articles shared on Just Beer”; once they’re posted, we’ll send you an email back with a list of links to your posts on Just Beer!

Why should you participate? Voice is power but reach *generally* costs money. We know it can be difficult to get traffic to your website, so we’re offering you a free method to grow your reach beyond Google (and paid ads); plus, we’re giving you the ability to cut out the bigger fish that overpower your website on search rankings. In short – sharing your content on Just Beer allows you to leverage more impressions to  your site, augment your current marketing efforts, AND piggy-back off of the Just Beer launch efforts in the process, plus…it comes at NO COST TO YOU. 

What’s the catch? We’re here to include you into the Just Beer community…that’s the only catch. If you change your mind down the road, email us and we’ll pull your posts from Just Beer. We benefit from using your content because it is excellent and enriches our community. We believe that building a community and connecting people to their passion is important for the sustainment of an industry; your passion is writing, our audience is passionate about beer…it just makes sense to connect everyone together.

By the way…Just Beer does not run google ads or pay-per-click campaigns; so no…we’re not using your articles to generate display-ad revenue for us!

What posts can you contribute? – Anything to do with beer. We have found that articles and posts that center around education get the most traffic, such as, “What is an IPA?”, “10 Things to Do at a Beer Festival”, “How Much Head Should a Beer Pour Have?”...but don't be restricted by that; write what you'd like to read!

How do we know this works? – We’ve done it already on Just Wine, Just Beer’s sister site; see for yourself at http://justwineapp.com. Just Wine in its first year achieved a social following of over 29,000 members and well-over 1 million impressions. Now we’re building the beer community with the same successful model as our wine community.   

What if I have a post, but it isn’t published? You can publish articles and posts directly to Just Beer, we can send traffic wherever you would like the attribution forwarded to. Simply send the complete word-doc or pdf, as well as the site you’d like us to refer, and we’ll get it published on Just Beer.


Still reading? We’re glad you’re with us! We look forward to seeing what you have to share on Just Beer, and if you’d rather hold off, that’s okay too—follow us on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram at the @justbeerapp handle.