Born in Ontario, living in Alberta. 100% Canadian.

Novice wine drinker. Sparkling wine lover. Enjoyer of Spanish wines. Quickly learning that wine is all about personal choice and expression and that it’s okay to like a $15 bottle over a $50 bottle.

Big supporter of the Canadian wine industry. Spent a number of years within a quick drive to the Niagara region and saw it in its humble beginnings in the 80s to the powerhouse it is today. Dying to get to the Okanagan region to sample all its wonderful offerings.

Adore travelling and would drop everything to travel around the world with my husband, who is my ultimate partner in crime. Dream vacation is Italy – start from the top of the boot, just drinking and eating all the way down to Sicily.

I find enjoyment in the simple things in life – friends and family, food and a good belly laugh.