In Alsace, it’s the grape type that’s foremost on the label, along with special designations for late-harvest wines (Vendange Tardive) or highly-selected Botrytis-affected dessert wines (Sélection de Grains Nobles), similar to its counterparts in nearby Germany. And why not, since Alsace produces some of the most expressive and pure renditions of some of the world’s best grape types, especially for white wine and especially in the hands of the region’s top producers, including Rolly Gassmann. And yes, many now indicate vineyard location, but that has only been in the last 20 to 30 years when Grand Cru designations were introduced to recognize the best sites. Like most Alsatian winemakers, Gassmann produces many different wines and this tasting will showcase some of his best examples, along with specific characteristics and differences that define Alsatian winemaking

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