A 48 clock hour course designed to build on your learning from the ISG Wine Fundamentals Certificate Level 1. You will be exposed to all elements involved in the wine business including viticulture, vinification, and regional appellation laws. You will begin to develop your blind tasting skills by studying old and new world wine regions as well as sparkling, fortified wines and ales. In addition, you will build on your service skills, food and wine pairing techniques, and proper storage and wine management practices. The goal of this course is to advance your understanding of wine and wine making in order to prepare you for the Sommelier Diploma Program. The course runs one day per week. Successful completion of WFCL2 is required for admittance into SDP; WFCL2 examinations may be challenged, please read our policies for further information. The following information is an outline of what the ISG considers to be general guidelines for short essay writings and the level of knowledge that is expected at the completion of WFCL2 in order to successfully complete the examinations. We have provided two sample essays, one of a perfectly written short essay and its marking scheme and then the same question with a mediocre passing grade. Please remember that in order to meet your educational entrance requirements for the SDP you must attain no less than 70% in each of your three examinations including the short essays. This same essay sample we have provided in the SDP page for reference of ISG expectations at the diploma level.

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