An introductory course designed for the novice wine enthusiast lasting 24 clock hours. Whether building on an existing career in hospitality or enhancing your enjoyment of wines; the ISG Wine Fundamentals Certificate Level 1 curriculum provides an introduction to the basic aspects of sensory evaluation that are frequently overlooked when drinking wine. You will study the different components of wine appearance, aroma, and flavor. This course offers a basic understanding of the major grapes used for making wine and their discerning characteristics as well as an introduction to fortified and sparkling wines. You will taste wines from around the world and be introduced to fortified and sparkling wine as well. Upon completion of this course you will have learned some basic wine terminology, understand label information, introduction to appellation concepts, rudimentary service techniques as well as some of the food and wine pairing theories. The goal is for you to gain an appreciation for all types of wines and feel comfortable and confident when selecting and buying wine. The course runs one day per week. Successful completion of WFCL1 is required for admittance into WFCL2; WFCL1 examinations may be challenged, please read our policies for further information.

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