Back Room Wines hosts the Riesling Fan Club of Napa Valley (RFCNV) on this last Thursday of May.

Six times a year, Back Room Wines welcomes guests to bring a bottle of wine based on the
Fan Club theme, share it with the group, and enjoy all the rest.

The Fan Club theme changes every year. For 2015, the theme is Riesling. Dry to sweet and all places in between, Riesling is truly among the greatest of grapes. We promise you will agree.

All we ask of you is to bring a bottle of Riesling. It doesn't have to be "expensive." There are many very good ones under $30...$20 even. We just want it be good! If you don't have one, come buy one from us. As a rule, we have lots... and they are all delicous.
Entrance fee for two to RFCNV is a good bottle of Riesling. (plus $1/person).

If you're lacking a good one of either, you're welcome to buy one at Back Room when you arrive.

Back Room Wines hosts RFCNV six times a year: the last Thursday of January, March, May, July, September. And, finally, Thursday November 20.

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