Puppies and Prosecco - Training Classes on the Patio
Presented by Vin Room and Dogma Behaviour & Education Centre

Join us on our patio for a private group training class for you and your dog. All ages and sizes of dogs welcome. Ticket price of $40 for each human. Includes 2 glasses of wine, beer or prosecco, lesson on the patio for you and your furry friend, a bag of goodies worth $80 courtesy of Neals Yard Remedies, Dry Cleaning by Dave, Champion Foods, Doodle Dogs, Bon a Pet Treat Bakery, and Momentum Health. Due to the popularity of these classes, tickets are not refundable.

Net proceeds will be donated to Pawsitive Match Rescue Foundation.

How to make the best of your puppies and prosecco afternoon

- up-to-date on vaccinations

- people and dog friendly dogs only

- please bring small treats for training your dog

- no choke chains, prong or shock collars or retractable leashes

- please bring a 4-8' leash

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