Special collaboration with Everything Wine! Today's knowledge of the impact of chemicals in our food and in our environment has created awareness in our collective consciousness helping establish the biological or biodynamic movement in wine making. We will taste delicious biodynamic wines all the while exploring their myths and realities as we uncover your personal tastes and preferences with the Quini tasting application that will help you become a better wine shopper. Expect a wine tasting like you've never experienced before. An interactive journey into wine that uses your iPhone, iPad, laptop or Android phone to make you on a discovery of learning that will lasts a lifetime. Get a head start! Download the free Quini app for iPhone and iPad. Android users please email us at info@quiniwine.com for options, and laptop users can log on at www.quiniwine.com. Please ensure your digital device is well charged. Wi-Fi connectivity and Quini app download 6:30 pm - 6:55 pm. Session starts at 7:00pm sharp. Must be legal drinking age.

Read more at: http://bit.ly/1EjThpP

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